Frank's Piano Tuning & Repair

Expert Piano Technician with more than 35 Years Experience




Frank R. Acosta Jr.
(253) 222-3496

Piano Tuner and Repair Technician Available For Your Local Area – $150.00 per tuning

In addition to tuning, people need to consider overall maintenance.

Piano Maintenance Service Package, $250
Combination of any of these items depending on what the piano needs:

  • Removing the action in order to dust out the entire interior of the piano
  • Clean the sound board
  • Removing dust from the action
  • Lubricating the entire action
  • Lubricating the key pins and keys for the key bed
  • Loss motion adjustment, let off adjustments, hammer reshaping or sanding (voicing)
  • Tightening the action screws
  • Raising the hammer level on grand pianos

The effect is it makes the piano more lively and more responsive to touch providing better overall piano performance.


Service Area: King and Pierce Counties
Years of Service: 35
Service Type: Piano tuning
Market Focus: Piano players


Piano tuning expertly mastered using advanced technology that makes any type of piano sounds its best.  Piano action repairs and regulation also expertly done for optimal playing feel of keyboard touch and response.  Appointments are on time and conveniently scheduled to your unique times as best as possible depending on current work loads.  Pricing is as reasonable as it gets considering the quality and satisfaction you will have.  Please call so that I can help you restore good tone and enjoyment for your piano playing experience.


  • Fine Concert Quality Tuning, $150
  • General Piano Maintenance which includes cleaning, lubricating, essential adjustments, $250
  • Action Regulation which improves quality key touch adjustments, $450 & up


  • 35 years experience
  • Over 3,000 customers during 5 years of service


  • Honest and Friendly
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Very Reasonably Priced


  • Piano Teachers
  • Professional Musicians
  • Churches & Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals


  • Kawai
  • Mason and Hamlin
  • Samick
  • Steinway & Sons
  • Stuart and Sons
  • Yamaha
  • Young Chang


Rate Details:   tuning is flat $150.00 Concert quality guaranteed. repairs priced accordingly to estimate.
Payment Methods:   Cash, Check, Zelle, Credit Card

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